Camp Creek Baptist Church History

Camp Creek Baptist Church was organized under the auspices of the Line Church, Banks County, on May 24, 1834 with approximately 20 charter members. As land was obtained from the Cherokee Indians by either purchases or treaties, the population moved northward. As a result, new churches were organized and new schools established. It is not known which was built first at the Camp Creek settlement - the church building or the school house.

Records of minutes sent to the Baptist Association indicated that by 1850 the membership had increased to approximately 75. By September 1867, there were 99 members on the roll, 93 whites and 6 blacks.

The early church had little tolerance for unchristian-like conduct. Throughout most of the early church's history, charges were quickly preferred and disciplinary actions taken against members for such conduct as permitting dancing and fiddling in one's home, cussing, drinking too much spirits, adultery, fighting, refusing to forgive, lying, and stealing, to name just a few offenses. However, the records also reveal that the church was just as quick to forgive and restore the offending members to full fellowship upon acknowledgment and repentance.

The original church building may have been burned in the early 1900's. As of March 24, 1904, the church had 139 members, 63 male and 76 female. Early minutes indicated that a building committee had been formed and presented it's report regarding a new building to the church during the monthly church conference in April 1904. However, during the conference in May 1904, the church voted to dissolve the building committee and decided to meet on the next regularly scheduled conference day for the purpose of disbanding the church. It is quite evident that divine intervention prevented those discourged church members from carrying out their plans, and the church still stands today as a beacon and fortress for God.

The church had a rather unique way of raising money to build a building. They assessed each male member $1.00 and each female member $.50. After adequate time, fellowship was withdrawn from members who did not pay their assessment.

The church building erected circa 1905 remained virtually unchanged with one large room until the early 1950's when three Sunday School rooms were added to the back of the building. In the mid 1950's, wings on each side of the church containing four Sunday School rooms, a vestibule, and a steeple were added.

The pastorium was constructed in 1959, and the church rebuilt in 1965. In 1999, a much needed fellowship hall, additional Sunday School rooms, pastor's study, and missions apartment was completed debt free.

Today, the church partially supports 70+ missionaries and/or missions projects all over the world through faith promise giving. It has a total membership of 441, and has touched the lives of countless people over it's 176 year history. We thank God that in His inifinite wisdom and mercy, this old light house is still shining brightly and helping to reach the world, at home and abroad, for Christ.